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Online Resources

Mar 4, 2020

CHILDREN FIRST Information Material


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Check out the CHILDREN FIRST newsletters, bringing the perspective on how the project is running and announcing events and products to come.

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Research Activities

Research Analysis Results

Children First’s partners conducted two research activities, involving both quantitative and qualitative methods:

One providing an overview of young people’s views on gender-based violence in teen relationships and presenting data on existing policies


Comparative report in English: DOWNLOAD

One aimed at mapping existing strategies and policies related to school related gender-based violence and abuse.


Comparative report in English (available soon);

Training materials

E-Learning Course

The Children First consortium realised an E-Learning course for teachers and educators, a theoretical and practical course aimed at strengthening teachers’ existing capacities and understanding on how to identify and tackle school-related gender-based violence.

You can access the e-course platform here.

Download the guidelines to access the e-learning course here

Online Game

The Platform

The CHILDREN FIRST Online Game is addressed to children and young people, and aims at supporting them in challenging rigid social norms and gender stereotypes, while promoting gender socialization and healthy relationships. Download the game for free here!

Download the Game Guide

Available in: EnglishItalianGreekLithuanian

Download the Toolkit for Educators 

Available in: EnglishItalianGreekLithuanian

Awareness-raising campaigns

We will develop awareness raising and educational youth-led campaign in order to promote messages of gender equality and inclusion and tackle commonly held gender stereotypes that shape gender dynamics among children and young people.

Children First Contest

An online creative public contest will be organised with audio-visual collages, short theatre or musical performances on DVD, poems, comics or photography realized by young people

  • Content guidelines
  • Online Exhibition

Available from June 2021

Final conference

A closing conference will take place in the UK, involving stakeholders from research,
policy and practice, young people from across Europe, and Representatives of the European Commission.

Available from August 2021