External evaluation tendering

External evaluation tendering

Set 29, 2020 | News

Children First Impact Assessment: Evaluation Brief

Summary of brief
This impact assessment is being commissioned by the IARS International Institute on behalf of the Children First Project, co-funded by the European Commission Rights, Equality and Citizen Programme.
The overall objective of the brief is to assess the impact of Children First both in terms of its internal structures and operations, but also its external implications and intentions as articulated in the project proposal.

In particular, the assessment should focus on:

  • Quality of collaboration and communication within the project partnership
  • Impact on project beneficiaries, and in particular:
    • Young people
    • Professionals working with young people
    • Policy makers
  • Quality of the produced outputs including eBooks, surveys, trainings, curricula, events and conferences.

The report that is produced as part of this work should include an executive summary, methodology, findings of evaluation and recommendations for IARS and the Children First consortium.

About the Project
Children First represents a shared effort to educate school children (aged 12-18) in order to prevent and address dating violence from an early age by undermining gender stereotypes, norms and roles that are the main causes of dating violence. A detailed description of the project can be found on the Children First website.

The evaluation: purpose, focus, use and audience
The purpose of the evaluation is to check we are delivering the project as intended. The
evaluation will be used to help IARS and the partnership to develop and improve our current
services and activities, to identify gaps in our provision of services to meet the needs of the
project. The impact assessment report will initially be for internal use by Children First. It will also
become available to the European Commission.

Internal responsibilities and liaison
The lead contact within the IARS International Institute when conducting this evaluation will be
IARS Director, Dr. Claire Bonham c.bonham@iars.org.uk. The project officer supporting the
evaluation will be Sundus Abdullahi s.abdullahi@iars.org.uk
IARS will be able to provide:

  • Project Proposal and access to our cloud-based partnership document folder
  • Contact details of the partnership
  • Background documents that are not already available on the project website.

An indicative budget of €5,000 inclusive of VAT is available for this evaluation.

What we are looking for
Submissions for selection should:

  • Demonstrate a track record of carrying out successful impact assessments, including experience of assessing similar work
  • Describe the methodology proposed for undertaking this work
  • Provide a summary of a recent piece of work with details of contact names of clients who may be approached for reference
  • Provide a breakdown of person days and costs for undertaking the research
  • Provide a timetable for carrying out the work.

As this is a pan European project, applicants do not need to be located in the UK. Individuals as well as organisations are eligible to apply. We would require the report to be written in English, to a high standard.


How to apply
Please send your completed tender submission to Claire Bonham – director@iars.org.uk by midnight on Sunday 11th October 2020.