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We asked to young people to be part of the project’s research phase.

What is it like to be an adolescent?

What is it like to be a girl?

What is it like to be a boy?

How do you feel about dating someone?

What space does violence have in teen relationships?

We created 6 National youth-led Advisory Boards and we gave them the opportunity to be heard, to share their views and experiences to impact society.

Since the earliest phases of the Children First project and until its end, the YAB works together with the project partners conducting research on dating violence.

Every month, they will guide the national teams through innovative methodologies and tools, they are learning on how to interview people, how to create and implement an awareness-raising campaign, how to create an online game, and more.

And most importantly, the YAB participants are learning all there is to know about recognizing, preventing and combating gender based violence in teen relations.

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