ART against Teen Dating Violence

ART against Teen Dating Violence

An online creative public contest was organised and opened, from March to June 2021, to adolescents 12-18y from all over the world, in order to reflect their understanding of relationships free from stereotypes and gender-based violence.

We were looking for creative and thought-provoking artworks, capable of representing youngesters’ interpretation of a such delicate and under-researched theme, being teen dating violence, under various forms: Images, Videos, Texts.

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Images - Winner

“It hurts - What hurts during dating”

Akvilė V., 18y, Lithuania

Video - Winner

“Giò's story"

Collective video – Italy


Text - Winner


Mason T. , 17y, UK



Erika Santa G. – 18y – Italy

A man holds his “toy” tightly in his hand, a frightened woman who, despite everything, takes courage to free herself from submission and mistreatment. Rebelling against violence is not easy and often many women do not find the courage to speak up. This is why I combined the word “ALLEGATION” with the photomontage as the complaint is the first step to put an end to the abuses suffered.


Michele C. – 13y – Italy

A boy dressed as a girl, with signs of bullying (cuts for example). In the photo I put what the character says. The technique is digital, I wanted to leave the drawing like this because I think it makes the idea more. If you want to check I’m @wetr_art on instangram

It hurts

Akvilė V. – 18y – Lithuania

I conveyed what hurts during dating


Ieva N. – 18y – Lithuania

I depicted a sense of loneliness

Where Is Love?

Gabriel Radostin A. – 18y – Malta

Teen love is like a blooming flower. Abstract: the blue and golden colours mean dreams. No no gender, bruised and tearful. The falling petals are the vanishing love and the fist means violence. Figurative: beautiful face marked with pain. Her love, hearts, being taking over by the grey shadow. Blue mean violence and the golden tears her believe in love. Where there is violence there is no love.

The colour of love

Silvia S. – 16y – Italy

The photos were made by me, in collaboration with a friend of mine who held the role of photographer and a friend of mine who appeared in the photo itself.
I really liked the idea of keeping some cold and dark tones for the background and making the red stand out on the lips to give the floor to all those who have been silent for too long.

Truthful Reflection

Matej M. – 17y – North Macedonia

Violent relationships can often be complex, and there are many kinds of abuse that can occur in a dating relationship: verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual. This occurrence will only stop once people understand that all genders are equal and should be treated that way respectfully. This artwork resembles exactly that. Teen dating violence will only stop once there is a “Truthful Reflection”.

The hands of truth

Micaela B. – 16y – Italy

The photo represents the violence between couples. In the photo there are two girls who are victims of violence. The hands printed on the shirts represent the places they were touched. The two orange roses held tightly are a symbol against violence against women. The quote is written in three languages: Slovenian (we are part of the Slovenian minority in Italy), English and Italian.

Social poster “I don’t belong to anyone, only to myself”

Dovydas D. and Gabija M. – 15y – Lithuania

Psychological violence hurts in the same way as physical violence, and psychological violence often encourages a person to shut themselves in.

Free yourself!

Elena R. – 16y – Italy

“Free yourself, “”Free yourself”” because relationships are often synonymous with imprisonment and chains, as in this case.
“”Free yourself”” because you must always find the strength to leave violence and constraint behind, and point at the sun and freedom.
In this photo I have tried to represent this … a woman tired of living in the dark desperately searching for a glimpse of light.”


Nektarios D. – 16y – Greece

This sketch symbolizes a moment in my life that I was going through a very difficult time. I was subjected to verbal and psychological violence by a large group of my peers for a long period of time. However, with the help of my brother, I managed to cope. This drawing reflects the feeling of sadness but also of mutual support.

No more racism

Asteria L. – 16y – Greece

Nowadays one of the main problems that adolescents face is violence in interpersonal relationships and in particular the form of violence based on gender. Our work in a brief but clear manner includes all forms of violence and the dark side of people. Of course we have tried to show what we believe , that behind all these situations there is light, hope and optimism.

Nowdays Violence

Laura M. , Mariasole N. , Federico G. – 17y – Italy

For the realization of this shot we were inspired by the work “Green over blue” by Mark Rothko.
In our shot the violence is represented by the hands that hover above the head of the portrayed subject to indicate how prejudices and offenses represent a violence that deeply hurts.


Cecilia R. and Chiara S. – 18y – Italy

For the realization of this shot I was inspired by the work “”The embrace”” by Egon Schiele.
The choice to include the tablet in our project was born to symbolize the presence / absence of virtual relationships of which contemporary man is the protagonist and his too often illusory relationship with love.

Pretend to be someone else on social media

Selene R. and Linda R. – 17y – Italy

The topic addressed is the appearance and falsity of social media. The image is divided in two different visions in the eyes of people. The green part represents the falsehood or what you want to make people believe instead the orange part is the real life; in the part of the falsehood we see a smiling and not messy girl; and in the orange the girl no longer smilingbut untidy.

Blind Judgment

Pietro L. and Arianna T. – 17y – Italy

This shot is inspired by the portraits of Amedeo Modigliani.
The people portrayed with eyes painted in black represent the sterile judgments of which we are sometimes victims, sometimes executioners; the only character with an uncovered face, on the other hand, symbolizes the purity of a feeling of friendship and sincere closeness.

Tell me if this is love

Nausica T. – 15y – Italy

My drawing, made with the charcoal technique, wants to represent the contrast between the expectation of love and the brutality of violence. The “chiaroscuro” symbolizes the suffering generated by an encounter that seemed to promise light and instead is dark.


Edoardo D. – 17y – Italy

Today, being kind is seen only as something mechanical, an automatism, an action performed without thinking about the good of others. With this work I intend to revitalize the typical courtesy of the knights of the past by enclosing the concept in the icon of a robot, which by its nature it is required to defend.
This shot represents my belief in man and in his innate desire to support him.


Andrea P. , Federica V. , Emma R. , Pietro S. , Franko D. – 16y – Italy

We decided to represent the company with apples because they are harder to the touch and difficult to break and instead we represented the victim of judgment with a tomato, because it is much more fragile.

The peers

Francesco L. , Greta Z. , Riccardo C. – 18y – Italy

The veil that is placed between man and woman represents the gender stereotype, the one that, for example, wants a man who is constantly virile, forced to repress his natural fragility and a weak and submissive woman.

We learn a lot by experience

Loiry J. and Catherine S. – 18y – Italy

Orange color of teen dating abuse. We chose physical abuse/violence, because it can happen to everyone: child or adult, woman or man… With our sentence and dwawings, we wanted to send a message to stop toxic dating couples. Love shouldn’t hurt because if you really love someone you must never hurt them.

Before you go

Chiara M. and Sofia E. – 16y – Italy

We chose this title because it describes the relationship that teenagers have with their parents. The “before you go” refers to adults who find it difficult to let their children grow up without oppressing them too much, preventing them from experiencing and taking responsibility. Parents often do it to protect their children, however, making their growth and adolescence more difficult, one of the most complicated phases of life.

Envision of a world where love doesn’t hurt

Tanuj S. – 16y – India

Here in my artwork. I’ve focussed on various types of abuses including physical, digital, verbal, mental etc. I’ve tried to show the difference between an unhealthy and healthy relationship. Mutual cooperation and understanding is necessary for any relationship to be a successful one. Through my artwork I’ve tried to fight gender stereotypes and teen dating violence. We should remember that love doesn’t hurt. Control, possesion, manipulation & body shaming, this isn’t love it is violence. In my artwork I’ve showed a heart which is partially caged signifying the lack of freedom in a relationship. You may also spot my expressions of various types of abuse. But on the other hand you can also spot a happy couple, hands breaking free of the fetters symbolising freedom and hope in a healthy relationship. You may also spot the mended heart . Here in the right side I’ve showed various signs of feminine strength. Respect, trust, honesty, loyalty, accountability etc are the pillars of a healthy relationship. I hope that through my artwork I would be able to spread sufficient awareness in this regard 🙂


What you don’t see

Anna D. Z. – 18y – Italy

A girl born in 2000 lives in search of her own personal identity free and without constraints, but the society in which she lives has not changed. The signs of violence are all there, a toxic love that seems harmless. The girl tries to change her way of being and adapt to the environment around her, but she will soon realize how useless all this is.


Monica B. – 18y – Italy

Not a story with a logical thread, but various situations united by the attempt to highlight intangible facts; a collage of clips from any media that has a reputation for being cursed, extremely disturbing, etc. I would like to try to create only sensations, because the people who undergo the experiences that have been proposed to us as a theme do not have a voice.

Rise up!

Annamaria B. – 17y – Italy

The spot deals with the drama of the mistreatment suffered by women on a daily basis through the story of a girl who relives moments from her painful past, demonstrating the difficulty of coming out of it. The spot, however, conveys a positive message, linked to the need to speak up and rebel by denouncing the violence suffered.

It is not a prison

Chirihen G. – 17y – Italy

The spot tells the story of a couple of which she is the victim of violence. He is very jealous and forbids her to read or greet a friend dear to her .. Love is not prison and it is not violence.. Love means loving your neighbor without hurting you. Love is sincerity and above all happiness .. Always love without possessiveness and violence.

A memory forever

Alice C. , Aurora M. , Elisa P. , Linda G. , Matilde R. , Sara Nicole G. , Sofia M. – 14y – Italy

The video tells of a young love that blossomed between two friends, misunderstood by society. The girls will be forced to split up and a tragic fate awaits one of them.

Song “Fake”

Ruta K. – 17y – Lithuania

The melody of the song is joyful but listening to the words we realize that the song is about the inability to express oneself properly, about self-knowledge. It is told how a person tries to know himself but he is increasingly rejected by the loved ones. It is emphasized that people can be angry and cannot fully unfold because of it, they are condemned. Then we learn that a person begins to know himself and to unfold.


Chiara D. – 18y – Italy

From an early age, gender identities define roles that when we grown up.

One, no one

Gemma U. – 18y – Italy

Racism does not always manifest itself explicitly but is often veiled under layers of justifications, gestures, words, accusations. In this way too it becomes an all-encompassing condition in the life of an individual (a “one”), which risks denying himself, canceling himself (“no one”).

Love Marks

Melina T. , Ilektra B. – 16y – Greece

Song to raise awareness against Teen Dating Violence. Teenagers often ignore what true love is and thus don’t know when to walk out of an abusive and violent relationship. Fists and insults are used and yet the red flags are ignored because love confuses them and they are unable to see the bruises as nothing more than just “Love Marks”.

The word Against Violence

Bianca D. , Giosué B. , Giulia T. – 14y – Italy

Videoclip imagining a sexual abuse scene against a young female inside of a unguarded school building.

TG News – Report Against Racism

Leonardo C. , Virginia C. , Sara V. – 13y – Italy

Videoclip simulating a News Report on racist violence acts which happened in the town’s main square.

I am human too

Aggelos M. – 16y – Greece

It is a song that talks about the cruelty that some people experience daily and how there is faith to overcome it all. To have equal opportunities around the world regardless of the small differences they have.

Giò’s story

Milena B. , Andrea Francesca C. , Lucia D. , Emma F. , Paris G. , Alessia G. , Aurora M. ,
Asia M. , Eduardo M. , Giorgia M. , Chiara P. , Iolanda P. , Ciro S. , Giulia S. , Mattia T. , Diego T. , Andrea Z. , Nicolò G. , Beatrice F. , Andrea C. , Linda B. , Bianca A. ,
Edouardo B. – 18y – Italy

Gio offers his boyfriend his youth and love as a gift, symbolized by a flower. Between two levels of reading, that of reality and that of metaphor, gender-based violence among the youngest is told with an escalation of behaviors ranging from initial signs of tension, grumpy attitudes and hostile silences, up to physical violence and psychological.



Maybe one day

Francesca P. – 16y – Italy

An extraordinarily light, carefree and cheerful time of youth yet, very often offended and violated by violence and aggression. Adolescence, an infinite rainbow of wonderful colors, is idealized under a single and dominant color, that of instinct, with the hope that one day perhaps we will wake up from this long and horrendous oppression called TDV.

Ode to keeping it in your pants

Adrija K. – 17y – Lithuania

This is the story of the past three years of my life. It covers my two relationships, abuse and a long healing process. I decided to share my story with other young people who are suffering with the same or similar problem, because thats what helped me the most. And I truly hope, binging awariness to this subject will be noticed by the right people.


Mason T. – 17y – UK